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Wisconsin Opener 2008
Written by Jeff Benson

It was the Opening day of the Wisconsin Firearms Season. Saturday November, 22 2008. The morning was cool with light flurries and a northwest wind. I arrived at my stand early well before day break. So I had plenty of time to think about what the day would bring.  Now into legal shooting hours things started to happen really fast.

Two yearling does popped out right below me I watched them for awhile . I started getting really excited about what could happen today! As soon as they left I spot a nice buck with a wide rack to the north of me.  The only problem was that he was on the neighbors property at about 300 yards away.      So I sat there and waited for him to cross the fence and present me with a shot opportunity. As he neared the fence I got ready for a shot, hoping he would cross, but something spooked him and he took off to the east melting into the woods .

I was trying to calm my nerves so I sat down to have a drink of water. I had just started scanning the area for deer again. and I could not believe my eyes when not even two minutes later this  huge buck started walking down the fence line form the west to the east. He was coming out a small grove of oaks  where I assume he was bedding.

I did not have much time to react as the buck  paused at the fence line giving me a shot. I put my cross hairs right on his front shoulder and tried not shake while I squeezed one off .

I got down from my stand to go see If I could find any blood. As I was walked down to where I last saw him I noticed a whitetail flag take off to the north and my heart sank but I soon realized it was a doe. Now I was frantically looking for the buck and there he was right at the last spot that I saw him.

12 points 19 3/4 inch spread.   At this time it was now 7:10 a.m. on opening morning what a great hunt!
Jeff Benson 12 pt Buck
12  pt Whitetail deer