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Minocqua Wisconsin Area Fishing Report
 Minocqua Area Fishing Report  8.21.14

      Cool mornings and warm evenings have made for predictably better bites towards dusk.
Water temps yo-yo between 69-73 degrees and the cool nights have produced signs of things to come as a few sugar maples have started showing color.
Largemouth Bass: Good-Very Good. A typical day of LMB fishing starts out early on deeper weeds as falling night time temps push bait fish out from the shallows.
Drop-shotting 2 1/2 - 3" Gulp Alive & Jackall minnows as well as Yum craw pappis provides slow, but best early action.
As water warms, casting crawfish shaped cranks and shallow, square lipped cranks are best. Finish your evenings with top water Jitterbugs, Buzzbaits and plastic frogs up in the shallow slop.
Bluegills: Good-Very Good. Small leeches 6-8' down on a slip-float along 12-14' coontail edges are hard to beat for a mess of gills right now. Some anglers reporting
success towards evening (6-7pm) on poppers on top.
Smallmouth Bass: Good. It hasn't been a great smallie season. Fish seem scattered. Work deep coontail edges with tube jigs, sandgrass flats of 14-18' with a frozen softshell crayfish or creature bait or try rocks with deep diving cranks (to 12-14')  or jig and plastic craws over rocks of 14' plus.
Northern Pike: Good. Live baiting a good bet during mornings, but as the temps rise use spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and #4 Mepps Aglias to catch "active" pike to 36" this week.
Crappies: Fair-Good. Staging up in bays with tall weeds (8-14' of water) cast Charlie Bees, 1/32 oz jigs with 1-2" twister tails to locate fish. As action slows, use the old minnow under a float to pick up reluctant biters.
Musky: Fair. After the past 2 weeks of some very special fish, reports have slowed. Bucktails during the day, top water baits in the evening.
Yellow Perch: Fair. Those taking the time to drift softshells on Lindy rigs over 14-20' sandgrass are catching nice (10-13") perch but usually a catch of 5-8 fish is normal.
Lots of crayfish activity right now; good time to use crayfish imitations in crankbait and plastic forms. Fishing pressure light for the next week or so till Labor Day weekend.

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