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A Hunter's Pledge
Responsible hunting provides unnique challenges and rewards. However, the future of the sport depends on each hunter's behavior and ethics. Therfore, as a hunter I pledge to:
• Respect the environment and wildlife.
• Respect property and landowners.
• Show consideration for nonhunters.
• Hunt safely.
• Know and obey the law.
• Pass on an ethical hunting tradition.
• Strive to improve my outdoor skills and  understanding of wildlife. 
• Hunt only with ethical hunters.

By following these principles of conduct each time I go afield, I will give my best to the sport, the public, the environment and myself. The
responsibility to hunt ethically is mine; the future of hunting depends on me.
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Here is an illustrated guide to hunting for one of America's most popular game birds--"the king of the uplands." The Complete Book of Tuckey Hunting examines all the tactics a hunter needs to take birds during the spring and fall turkey-hunting seasons. Every aspect of hunting the wild turkey is covered, from pre-season scouting and selecting ambush locations to working roosted gobblers, pressured turkeys, boss birds, and hung-up birds to valuable, hands-on tips for using the various calls.
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Hunting Marsh Bucks DVD
This DVD will not appeal to everyone. It was designed for the hardcore, "do it yourself" diehard whitetail hunter, who has grown tired of DVD’s that teach nothing and are only about shoving sponsored products down your throat! Marsh Bucks
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