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On-Road Bike Tours
Lac du Flambeau Tour
Vilas & Iron Counties
18 mile loop on paved and gravel roads. Rated as Easy. Trailhead location is Lac du Flambeau Chippewa Museum & Cultural Center on Peace Pipe Lane in Lac du Flambeau. There are many beautiful scenic attractions to see along the tour including lakes and forests. For more information, call (715) 588-3346.

High Falls Tour
Marinette County
22 mile tour. Rated as Easy - flat to gently rolling. Trailhead location is Twin Bridge Park, 20 miles west of Crivitz / Hwy 141 on County W and Parkway Road. On-route attractions include Twin Bridge Park, Veterans Memeorial Park and the scenic northwoods. Entire route is on public roadways which are open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use. For more information call (800) 236-6681.

Rustic Road Tour
Waupaca & Portage Counties
The outer loop is 24 miles, the east loop is 14 miles and the west loop is 18 miles. Rated as Easy to moderate - some steep hills on the west loop. Trailhead location is Hartman Creek State Park at Hartman Lake Beach parking lot on Windfeldt Lane in Waupaca. A daily or annual State Park vehicle admission fee is required. On-route attractions include historic architecture, scenic roads, Hartman State Park and the Waupaca/Chain O' Lakes area. For more information, call (715) 258 2372 or (715) 258-7343.

Shore to Shore Tour
Door County
29 miles for the outer loop; 21 miles for the north loop; 15 miles for the south loop. All loops are on paved roads. Rated a mostly easy with several steep grades near the Green Bay Shore. Trailhead location is Town Park in Bailey's Harbor, Peninsula State Park Sunset Trail parking lot. Motor vehicle admission sticker is required. On-route attractions include picturesque Lake Shore villages of Door County, Peninsula State Park, and Peninsula Players Theater. For more information, call (800) 52-RELAX or (920) 868-3258.

Irish Heritage Tour
Fond du Lac & Sheboygan Counties
25 mile loop on paved and gravel roads (22 miles if you avoid the gravel on division Rd and ride County F east of Dundee). Rated as Moderate with some steep hills. Trailhead location is Long Lake Recreation Area (State Forest daily or annual motor vehicle sticker is required), two miles northeast of the village of Dundee - near Campbellsport. On-route attractions include Kettle Moraine State Forest scenery; Ice Age Interpretive Center; historic St. Michaels Church; and the Parnell Esker. For more information, call (414) 626-2116.

Covered Bridge Tour
Washington & Ozaukee Counties
30 miles for the long route (32 miles with a side trip to Covered Bridge Park); 16 miles for the short route (13.5 miles if you take the Inter-Urban Trail back to Cedarburg). Rated as Easy - flat to gently rolling with a few hills on the long route. Trailhead located is Cedar Creek Park on Portland Road in Cedarburg (on-street parking). On-route attractions include historic Cedarbyrg; pioneer architecture; Covered Bridge Park; Lime Kiln Park. For more information, call (800) 237-2874.

Kettle Moraine Tour
Jefferson, Waukesha & Walworth Counties
30 miles for the outer loop; 21 miles for the short route. Rated as Moderate - with mostly rolling hills with some steep hills and some flatland. Trailhead location is Palmyra Village Park on Carriage Way off of County H (Main St) in Palmyra. On-route attractions include Kettle Moraine State Forest scenery; Old World Wisconsin State Historic Site; pleasant small towns. Entire route is on public roadways - be sure to use paved shoulders on state highways. For more information, call (414) 495-2611.

Lead Mining Heritage Tour
Lafayette County
21 mile loop on paved roads. Rated as Very difficult with many steep hills. On-route attractions include Lead Mine tour in Badger Park; historic buildings in Schullsburg, New Diggings and scenic countryside. For more information, call (608) 965-4401.

Frank Lloyd Wright Tour
Iowa & Sauk Counties
20 miles for the long route on paved and gravel roads. The 10 mile short loop is entirely on paved roads. Rated as Difficult or Moderate. The long route has five steep hills. The short route has two. Trailhead location is Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, at the junction of Hwy 23 and County C in Spring Green. On-route Attractions include, Taliesin site and building tours; House on the Rock tours; classic and Shakespearian stage plays at American Players Theater; Global View Asian Arts and Crafts; Spring Green artists community and Tower Hill State Park. For more information, call (800) 588-2042

Baraboo Range Tour
Sauk County
24 miles on paved roads for entire route; the east loop is 11 miles and the west loop is 12 miles. Rated as Difficult -some very steep grades. Trailhead location is in Baraboo at the Circus World Museum parking lot, in North Freedom at the Village Park on Walnut Street. On-route attractions include Circus World Museum; Mid-Continent Railway; Devils Lake State Park; plus much more in the Wisconsin Dells area. For more information, call (800) 227-2266.

Great River Road South
La Crosse, Vernon & Crawford Counties
Goose Island County Park to Villa Louis in Prairie du Chien. Rated as easy with some rolling hills near Stoddard and south of Lynxville. Trailhead location is Goose Island County Park on the north end; Villa Louis on the south. On-route attractions include river and bluff scenery; quiet river towns; Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge; Goose Island County Park; Blackhawk Park; Villa Louis State Historic Site. Entire route is on public roadways. For more information, call (800) 658-9424.

Concrete Park Tour
Price County
23 miles. Rated as mostly easy with a few rolling hills near Concrete Park. Trailhead location is Municipal parking lot at Hwy 13 and County H in Phillips. On-route attractions include Concrete Park; forest, lake and farmland scenery. Entire route is on public roadways. Be sure to use the paved should on the state highway. For more information, call (715) 339-4100.

Tiger Cat Tour
Sawyer County
35 miles if Seeley trailhead is used or 28 miles if OO Rest Cabin trailhead is used. Rated as easy for the shorter route. The longer route includes a few steep hills. Trailhead location is the unicorporated town of Seeley, 10 miles north of Hayward, or the Birkebeiner Ski Trail OO Rest Cabin, 3 miles east of Seeley on County OO (daily or annual vehicle parking fee applies). On-route attractions include scenic roads through Sawyer County Forest; causeways cutting across the Tiger Cat Flowage; picturesque dam site; and the Hayward/Seeley area. For more information, call (800) 724-2292.

Chequamegon Bay Tour
9 miles for the paved and gravel road mainland loop; and 16 miles for the paved Madeline Island loop. Rated as very difficult on the mainland; easy on Madeline Island. Trailhead location is in Bayfield at 2nd St & Washington Avenue (on-street parking); in La Pointe at the Madeline Island Historical Museum (on-street parking). On-route attractions include Apostle Islands National Seashore; island boat cruises; apple orchards; sea kayaking; Big Bay State Park; Madeline Island Historical Museum. (note: the ferries to Madeline Island run less frequently before Memorial Day and after Labor Day). For more information, call (715) 747-2801.

Mountain Biking Trails
B.A.T.S. Trails
Vilas County
10.4 miles for the outer loop on the unpaved XC and snowmobile trail route; 3.5 miles for the paved trail to the North Trout Lake campground and picnic area. Rated as mostly easy with a few moderated hills. The surface type is grassy in most areas, as well as some soft surface and soft sand. B.A.T.S. loop is signed for travel in both directions with yellow arrows on green squares one way; and yellow arrows on orange squares the other way. The Lumberjack trail, which includes the spur to the County K parking lot, is marked with blue XC ski signs; snowmobile trails are marked with orange diamonds. Trailhead location is Boulder Junction Town Park on County M. Fees may apply. This trail may also be used by hikers - always yield to pedestrians and don't spook the animals. For more information, call (715) 385-2400.

Washburn Lake Trails
Oneida County
5.5 miles on wide XC trails; 3 miles on single track trails. Rated as moderate with some difficult climbs on the XC trails; quite technical on most of the single track. Surface type is grassy XC trails with a hard pack track and deadhead rocks; forest floor, rocks, roots, and loose surface on the single track. Signage is brown-and-white mountain bike signs for one-way travel on XC trails. Trailhead location is roadside parking lot on Washburn Lake Rd., 2.3 miles north of Hwy 8 (turn off of Hwy 8 onto Crescent Rd., make an immediate left on county N and travel .8 miles to Washburn Lake Rd). No fees. Trails may be closed during extremely wet periods. Also, this trail may be used by hikers - always yield to pedestrians. For more information, call (715) 365-7464.

Standing Rock Trails
Portage County
6.3 miles for blue-signed outer loop. Rated as mostly moderate riding with easy and difficult sections. Frequent bypasses and shortcuts allow you to avoid most tough stuff. Surface type is grassy and hardpack with some deadhead rocks and loose surface. Frequent "you are here" XC signs at trail intersections will keep you on course. With the exception of a short stretch on the graveled surface of Tower Road, the route is entirely one-way. Trailhead location is Standing Rocks County Park entrance parking lot, one mile west of County Road K, five miles south of Hwy 10. Fees may apply. Be sure to call ahead to make sure that the trails are open. Also, the trail may be used by hikers - always yield to pedestrians. For more information, call (715) 346 -1433 or (715) 344-2556.

Potawatomi Trail
Door County
5.9 miles for the outer loop. Rated as easy except for one short, steep climb near the start. Surface type is grassy with a few rocks and roots. Green and white mountain bike signs and arrows mark travel in both directions. Trailhead location is a Park at Picnic Area #4. The paved trail section starts at the northeast corner of the parking lot. Vehicle admission fees will apply. This trail is also used by hikers - always yield to pedestrians. For more information, call (920) 746-2890.

Greenbush Trail
Sheboygan County
The purple signed loop is 5.1 miles; the green is 3.6 miles; the red is 2.4 miles; the pink is 1.1 miles and the brown is .6 miles. Rated a difficult riding on every loop. Brown and white bike silhouette signs at trailhead. Purple, green, red, pink and brown color-coded posts en-route. White and red no-biking signs on hiking trails. Trailhead location is Greenbush Picnic Area on Kettle Moraine Dr., 3 miles south of Hwy 23 and the village of Greenbush. Fees may apply. A horse trail crosses all but the pink loop. For more information, call (414) 626-2116 or (920) 893-0079.

John Muir Trail
Walworth & Waukesha Counties
The blue signed outer loop is 10 miles; the red is 1.5 miles; the white is 4 miles; the orange is 5.3 miles; and the green is 6.8 miles. The Connector Trail is 5 miles one-way to the Emma Carlin Trails. Rated as some easy riding on the red loop, but most trails will be difficult for novice riders. Surface typr is grassy XC ski trails with hardpack track, forest floor, and crushed limestone over plastic-grid artificial trail stabilizing material. Color coding on posts and trees and frequent "you are here" map-signs. White and red no-biking signs on hiking trails. Trailhead location is 1.5 miles north of La Grange. Fees may apply. For more information, call (414) 594-6200 or (414) 774-7336).

Emma Carlin Trail
Waukesha & Walworth Counties
The green-signed outer loop is 4 miles; the orange is 2.4 miles; and the red is 2 miles. The Connector Trails is 5 miles one-way to the John Muir Trails. Rated as extremely difficult - sections cannot be avoided. Surface Type is hardpack forest floor, extremely rocky and rooted on steep slopes. Color coding on posts and trees and frequent "you are here" map-signs. White and red no-biking signs on hiking trails. Trailhead location is 3 miles east of Palmyra. Fees may apply. For more information, call (414) 594-6200 or (414) 473-4005.

Governor Dodge Trails
Iowa County
3.3 miles for the Mill Creek loop; 6.9 miles for the Meadow Valley and Gold Mine trails loop. Rated as moderate to difficult. The Mill Creek Trails is made less difficult by a paved surface on the steep climb. Surface type is grassy XC ski trails with harpack tracks at times. Rough horse trails, steep rocky slopes and some soft sand on the north loop. Paved track on the connector trail to the Military Ridge State Trail. Trailhead location. Cox Hollow Beach at Governor Dodge State Park - 5 miles north of Dodgeville. Fees may apply. Concession building at the trailhead. Sections are shared with horseback riders - stay on the trail since poison ivy is common. For more information, call (608) 935-2315 or (608) 935-5993.

Devils Lake State Park Trail
6 miles, including out-and-back on the trail to the amphitheatre. Rated as difficult. All portions must be ridden to complete the loop, but two-way trails allow out-and-back rides. Surface type is grassy XC ski trails with a hardpack track, bare forest floor, old gravel road, and rocks and roots on steep slopes. Periodic green and white mountain bike signs. White and red no-biking signs on hiking trails. Trailhead location is the bluff top on County DL - 1.5 miles east of the north shore park entrance. The north shore trailhead is located across from campsite #165 in the Northern Lights Campground. Fees apply. Concession available. Downhills are fast and rough and the trails are also used for hikers. For more information, call (608) 356-8301 or (800) 227-2266.

Perrot State Park Trails
Trempealeau County
5.8 miles for the long loop; 2.7 for the Wilber loop. Rated as tough for the long loop with many long, steep grades. The Wilber loop is easy. Surface type is grassy XC ski trails, forest floor hardpack, and some soft sand. Trailhead location is Perrot State Park Nature Center parking lot in Trempealeau. Fees apply. For more information, call (608) 534-6409 or(608) 534-6780.

Black River State Forest Trails
6.5 miles for the outer loop on the Smreaker trails; 3.3 miles on the Red Oak; and 3.1 miles on the Wildcat. 18.4 miles for all trails on these loop systems and 3.0 miles one-way from the campground on the Pigeon Creek Trails to Smreaker Rd or 1.9 miles to N. Settlement Road. Rated as easy on the Pigeon Creek Trail. Tough, long climbs on the North Ridge Trail, Norway Pine Trail, and Wildcat Trail. Surface type is grassy with hardpack track. Some boggy spots after heavy rains on the Pigeon Creek Trail. Grassy XC ski trails with soft sand, loose surface, and bare rock in places on the loop trails. Brown-and-white mountain bike signs for one-way riding. Trailhead location is picnic are parking lot at the Pigeon Creek Campground on N Settlement Rd., 2 miles N of the I 94 / County O - Millston exit. Fees may apply. Always phone ahead to be sure that the trails are open. For more information, call (715) 284-1400 or (800) 404-4008.

Levis Mound Trails
Clark County
12 miles of trails total. The outer loop is 7 miles. Rated as easy to extreme. Difficult sections can be avoided. Surface type is grassy XC ski trails, often sandy. Steep sections are rocky. Rooted forest floor. XC ski trail markers. Self-pay station for fees. Extreme single track requires expert riding skills. For more information, call (715) 743-6444.

Mountain Bike Trails
Chequamegon Area Trails
Sawyer County
24 miles are possible if all loops are ridden from Seeley to Mosquito Brook and back. Rated as easy to difficult. Surface type is grassy XC ski trails; logging roads; snowmobile trail; gravel, paved and sandy forest roads. There is a soft surface in some low spots. Frequent blue and white signs and periodic "you are here" map-signs. Trailhead location is Mosquito Brook Rd / Birkebeiner Trail crossing - 6 miles northeast of Hayward; or Silverthorn Park - 11 miles north of Hayward. Fees may apply. For more information, call (800) 724-2992.

Pines & Mines Trails
Iron County
23 miles from the Montreal trailhead to the Weber Lake trailhead and back via Saxon Rd., Trail #6, County E, and back roads; 10 miles from Giles Park to the Plummer Headfram and back. Rated as easy riding near the towns; extremely difficult on trail #6. Blue and white Pines and Mines bike silhouette signs are found on the trails. Trailhead location is Montreal City Hall on Hwy 77 and Weber Lake Park, 3.5 miles north of the village of Upson and Hwy 77 in Hurley. No fees. For more information call, (715) 561-2922 or (715) 561-4334.

Bike Touring Trails
Red Cedar State Trail
Dunn County
14.5 miles one-way. Trailhead location is The Depot on 11th Ave. (Hwy 29) in Menomonie. On-route attractions include the Mabel Tainter Theater and other historic sites in Menomonie; the Empire in the Pines Museum, and the creamery restaurant and B&B in Downsville; peaceful surroundings; bridges. Fees may apply. The trail is also used by hikers. For more information, call (800) 283-1862.

Great River State Trail
La Crosse & Trempealeau Counties
24 miles one-way from the La Crosse River State Trail parking lot in Medary to the Great River State Trail parking lot at Marshland. Trailhead location is in Medary at the trail parking lot - .5 mile east of Hwy 16 / County B intersection; in Onalaska at the Center for Commerce and Tourism office at 800 Oak Forest Dr.; in Trempealeau at the Hwy 35 trail crossing. On-route attractions include scenic, cultural, historical and recreational attractions in La Crosse and Onalaska; river and marshland wildlife and scenery; entertainment in the village of Trempealeau and river commerce at Lock and Dam #6; and Perrot State Park. Fees may apply. For more information, call (800) 873-1901 or (608) 534-6780.

Gandy Dancer Trail
Polk & Burnett Counties
47 miles one-way between St. Croix Falls and Danbury. From Danbury an additional 51 mile section continues on through Minnesota, then back into Wisconsin to the city of Superior. Trailhead location near St. Croix Falls at the Polk County Information Center on Hwy 35 just south of the Hwy 8 intersection; in Siren at the parking lot just south of Main St. On-route attractions include Interstate State Park; the St. Croix Scenic Riverway; the Frederic Depot Museum; Forts Folle Avoine fur trading post; frequent small towns; parks, farms and forest scenery. Fees may apply. The trail is also used by hikers. For more information, call (800) 222-7655 or (800) 788-3164.

Wisconsin Bicycle Events
A "citizens" road racing series open to athletically-minded everyday riders who want to test their legs in mass start events or individual time trials. Forty-one events are held throughout the state from April to September. Overall awards are based on points. For more information, call (715) 267-6266.

Wisconsin Off-Road Series
A dozen mountain bike races at different sites throughout the state from May through October. Points determine overall series awards. The series includes the annual "Buzzard Buster" in late September on the Levis/Trow Mound Trails. For more information call (715) 341-3267.

Miller Lite Ride for the Arts An early June tour through the Milwaukee Metro area that benefits the United Performing Arts Fund. This popular s event features route distances from 5 to 50 miles and plenty of stuff that Milwaukee is famous for. Prizes, celebrities and festivities are highlights. For more information, call (414) 276-RIDE.

Trek 100 / 150
Late June and late August one-day, on-road, benefit tours through scenic southern Kettle Moraine State Forest or rural Dane County on loops of 100 miles, 150 or 100 kilometers, or 30 miles. These showcase events are sponsored by TREK, Wisconsin's hometown bike manufacturer. They support the state's home grown cancer-fighting MACC Fund with prizes, ride support, refreshments and festivities. For more information, call (800) 248-TREK.

A week-long, late June, early July on-road tour that traces the Wisconsin River from its headwaters to the Mississippi. From the Northwoods to dairyland, riders take in many local attractions. Proceeds from this limited entry event benefit the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. For more information, call (608) 935-RIDE.

International Cycling Classic
A mid-July, multi-day series of road races for USCF competitors. This exciting series has been one of the nation's outstanding events for nearly three decades. Stage in Milwaukee and southeastern counties, ICC is where dedicated cycling athletes test their legs, and fans come to see the stars of today and tomorrow. For more information, call (414) 784-1732.

Pioneer Ride
A once-in-a-lifetime event commemorating the state's Sesquicentennial, this tour can be ridden in mega or mini form. Riders who choose to follow the immigrants' route from the east coast will start in Washington DC on July 19 and follow routes along th Great Lakes to Wisconsin. At Ashland on Auguts 16 they will meet riders who are starting the in-state tour. The ride will arrive in Madison on August 23 in time for the Sesquicentennial's Folklife Festival. For more information, call (800) 248-TREK.

Grand View Firehouse 50
Held in association with the annual Fireman's Homecoming on the first weekend of August, this 50 mile event has become the state's premier "citizens" road race and time trial. Starting and finishing in the village of Grand View, the route winds through lovely Chequamegon Forest lake country. For more information, call (715) 763-3333.

An early August, multi-day, on-road tour that starts in the hinterlands and finishes in Milwaukee. A family-oriented ride with great support service, it covers manageable distances to each day's destination. For more information, call (800) 362-4537.

Best Dam Bike Tour 
A two-day, second weekend of August tour with routes of 62, 75 and 100 miles per day from Waukesha through the scenic dairyland of southeast Wisconsin. Entertainment, food, accommodations and return transport are included. Proceeds benefit the National MS Society. For more information, call (800) 242-3358.

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival
It began with 27 riders in the early '80s, now this mid-September weekend of point-to-point mountain bike races and low-key bike games has grown into one of the largest off-road events in the country. Set in the towering forests of northern Wisconsin, future race entries will be chosen at random due to the overwhelming demand. A major attraction for spectators, the event's races are limited to 2,500 competitors, but there is always more room for riders who want to tour the area's CAMBA trails or try their skill in bike games. For more information, call (715) 798-3811.

Kettle Moraine Fall Color Festival
An early October gathering of the off-road clan to ride Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest trails and raise funds for future trail development. Awards, raffles, food and great routes attract top riders and weekend warriors to the limited-entry event which runs on the John Muir Trails. For more information, call (800) 362-4537.

Audubon Classic Bike Ride
Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin's premier wildlife refuge and its annual waterfowl migration are the focus of this early October tour with routes of 14, 28 and 32 miles. Entrants receive collectibles and have a chance to win prizes. Part of Mayville's annual Audubon Days Festival weekend of events and entertainment.
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