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The Wisconsin Trappers Association was organized in 1963 by a small group of individuals concerned about the future of our trapping heritage. Many of these individuals were also involved in organizing the National Trappers Association four years earlier.
WE, the Trappers of North America, prompted by a feeling of profound respect and gratitude toward the many valiant Fur Trappers who have gone before us, whose courageous deeds and exploits will forever embellish the pages of our Nations' early history, and being duly grateful for the rich legacy of wildlife bequeathed by our predecessors, do associate ourselves for the following purposes: To promote sound conservation, legislation and administrative procedures; To save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of the United States; To promote sound environmental education programs; and To promote a continued annual fur harvest using the best tools presently available for that purpose.
•  Alabama Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Seasons and Limits
Alaska Game Regulations
Arizona Hunt Regulations
Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation: Furbearers - Hunting Regulations
California Game Regulations
Connecticut Game Regulations
Colorado Game Regulations
Florida Fish & Wildlife Regulations 
Georgia Fish & Wild Life Regulations
Idaho Fish and Game Regulations
Illinois Hunting Dates and Regulations
Indiana Hunting and Trapping Seasons and Trapping Regulations
Iowa Hunting, Fishing Trapping Regulation
Kansas Sportsmen's Calendar
Kentucky Hunting Seasons
Louisiana Fishing, Hunting Trapping Regulations
Maine Trapping, Hunting & Fishing Seasons and Trapping Rules
Maryland Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Regulations
Massachusetts Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Information
Michigan Hunting and Trapping Guide
Minnesota Small Game Hunting and Trapping Regulations (PDF)
• Mississippi Hunting Regulations and Seasons

• Missouri Hunting and Fishing Seasons and Limits
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• Nevada Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Information
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• New York Trapping, Fishing and Hunting Rules
• North Carolina Hunting/Trapping Regulations
• North Dakota Small Game and Furbearer Guide
• Ohio Hunting, Hunting, Trapping Regulations
• Oklahoma Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Regulations
• Pennsylvania Seasons and Bag Limits
• Rhode Island Fish and Wildlife Regulations
• South Dakota Hunting
• Tennessee Small Game Hunting Seasons
• Texas Hunting Licenses and Regulations
• Utah Furbearer Proclamation
• Vermont Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Dates
• Virginia Trapping General Regulations
• Washington Season Summary
• West Virginia General Trapping Regulations and Seasons
• Wisconsin Hunting and Trapping Season Dates
• Wyoming Furbearing Animal Trapping Seasons
The following links will take you to the regulations for hunting, trapping and fishing in all the states in the U.S.A and Province's (or territory's) in Canada.  
Seasons and Regulations, Canada
US Fish & Wildlife Service Sites
US Forest Service Sites
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