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Wisconsin Wild Pigs
Bobbie Prueher of Eau Claire was hunting in Clark Co. Wisconsin, shot a doe and out came 4 hogs. He shot the hogs and went to load the hogs and doe and out came 4 more hogs which he shot 3 of them. The DNR was very glad that he shot the hogs, its a day he will never forget, for sure.
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Feral Pig Management WDNR

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has adopted the position that feral pigs are exotic, non-native wild animals that pose significant threats to both the environment and to agricultural operations. The Department promotes aggressive removal anywhere feral pigs are reported. Feral pigs are considered unprotected wild animals with no closed season or harvest limit. Feral pigs may be removed any time throughout the year as long as those choosing to pursue them possess a valid small game license and the permission of the landowner where they intend to hunt. Also, landowners may shoot feral pigs on their own property without a hunting license, under DNR's animal nuisance control authority. The meat is reported to be of excellent quality, even considerably tastier than domestic pork. It is illegal to operate a captive feral pig hunting facility in the state of Wisconsin. It is also illegal to stock feral pigs for hunting purposes or to release hogs into the wild. Should such illegal practices be discovered in your area, contact and alert your local conservation warden immediately.

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Wisconsin DNR Feral Pig Information