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The Solunar Theory is a natural law that is in no sense new. Scientists and some of the tribes of American Indians have been have long known of its manifestations. What was not known however was the formula for the calculations of the periods a week, month or year in advance.

The professional hunters of Florida and Georgia (in the days when such hunting was legal) planned fishing trips according to daily moon positions. They had learned that wildlife usually were active and feeding when the moon was directly overhead or directly underfoot. At these times game were of hiding and available, and the fish feeding.

It is now known that the sun and moon are two major sources of the astral energies that daily bombard the earth and all of her life forms. The closer they are to you at any given moment, the stronger the influence.

The day of the NEW MOON will provide the strongest influence. When the times coincide with a moonrise or moonset the influence will be even greater at sunrise and or sunset.

The solunar theory will point the way to the best in sport that each day has to offer, but in no sense is it a guarantee. All kinds of things can affect fishing and hunting success! It will however tip the scales in the favor of the fisherman or hunter or birder.
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